Homework! errrrrrrrk

I’m heading into week number 5 of the Summer semester and the work load is starting to hit fever pitch. This weekend I have two small papers to do, both are due next week and are required essays for the two classes I’m taking. Also, I have a midterm on the 9th of June, less than 2 weeks away, covering everything from the beginning, to now. This course is Criminology 2nd year focusing on Youth justice and Young offenders.

This course has being an eye opener… I never thought of all the criminalogical aspects of our society, youth would be so predominate! I learned that Canada has the highest incarceration rate of all Western democracies: who would of thought that we lock up our youth more so than any other Western Block country. Hummmm

The second course, Political Science, is a little bit more tame, but equally heavy on the workload, however, more so in the reading department. I never knew that ideology could be so complex? …and for those of you who would like me to consider a carrier as a politician: “My sister would be partially correct”: however, I would probably loose all my friends… he he he.

Oh well, that’s going to be my weekend. No rest for the wicked! Any comments, questions, piercing remarks?

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