A Silly look at Politics in general.

It seems to me to be a classic case of good versus evil, the bad, the good and the ugly where for man’s greatest achievements out strip the very necessity of human existents, the very environment we believe so central to our wellbeing. My case and point: we have evolved to govern ourselves with such complexities and precision as to be the highest life-form on the planet (so we believe) and in doing so, we have become the very enemy and threatens that dominion.

In this photo, we see how our need to govern ourselves is competing with our environment, (using this metaphor to describe my logic) the very necessary existence of mother nature depends on how treat her. Here, we have taken that human need to govern, and exploited the balance of nature to achieve this means.

Where do we draw the line of this exploitation? We seem to tip the scales to easily when the human desire grows beyond the capability of the natural order. We have lied to ourselves that human order outweighs natural order; that some have drawn the conclusion that both are the same. A cover up of exploitation?

Political Billboards and placards blocking the view of a huge Oak tree at the corner of Glover Road and 96th, Avenue in Fort Langley, BC, Canada.

So here we have it, summed up in a photograph, the threat of natural order versus man’s desire of human order. With billboards, placards and signposts, we have built an industry that has stripped nature to the point that human beings find discomfort around them. Once again we find that politics is bad for the environment. Politics equals pollution. Like those who are ridiculed for driving SUVs, certain classes of politics becomes more destructive than others, but all hurt the environment to some degree.

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