Homework done, not upgraded yet, and the “chicks”

Well, I’ve spent most of the weekend hitting the books and completing the required assignments for next class.:cool: The assignments went according to plan and were not that much of a problem, however, one part of the research questions gave some trouble, I managed to find some help and set me back on track. So now I will just work on review:roll:, going over some the readings that I’m not too comfortable with yet.:wink:

As for upgrading to WordPress 1.2, :oops:I’ll need to hold off until next weekend, I just ran out of time.:shock: I’m going to set aside some time then to start the upgrades. I’m hoping Stuart will be on line just in case I hit some snags. Also, hopefully, the Gods will be on my side then too, and the Blog will be untouched! I would hate to loose this page and have to replace everything all over again.

One think about Blogging, you get to meet a lot of people on line with all sorts of interesting stuff and learn different things about everything, the sky is the limit. So I would like two people [who visit this Blog] to connect on their own, each now have their own Blogs and I think it would be cool if these two people actually meet on line and share their experience about men. So, Tanya and Julia, when you guys are surfing this entry, you should check each others Blogs out. You two may find you have answers to your questions that you have being seeking that you have being Blogging about for the last while? This could also be entertaining, 😆

5 Thoughts on “Homework done, not upgraded yet, and the “chicks”

  1. Very entertaining. Do let me know when it happens. Any idea when you’re going to upgrade yet?

  2. I’m thinking about doing the upgrade on Friday? Ya, entertainment…. he he he.

  3. I’ll check out Julia’s site… Thanks T! I’m sure I’ll find it a fun read. Sounds like we are dealing with similar issues.

  4. Mmmm. Thomasso if you look just above the first comment you will see a line that says “The URI to trackback this entry is:” and it’s all stretched out and doesn’t look too cool. That’s because it’s attatched to the URI and thinks it’s all one line but can’t fit into the space. I had this problem. If you go to your wp-comments.php page and look for that line then put a
    tag right after the colon it will break the line and make it look a lot neater. Of course you will need to remember this when you upgrade but you can see how it looks now. 8) I think I’ve about finished messing with my site. I have a lovely picture of a nuclear explosion which I was going to use as a header being The Bomb Site and all but I kind of got used to the small picies I’m using. I might put a test page up and see what reaction I get. Soon be upgrade time. 🙂

  5. Ah yes, thanks Stuart, I’ll work on that Friday. I’m sort of drowning in homewark at the moment. I just got back from class, and have being told that I have a midterm next week: Mass reading and Essay question! Yikes….

    Anyway, that you for the tip. I tried to fix that at one point but gave up on it when Max pointed it out. He never gave the reason why. I’ll send you an Email when I run into problems.

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