Upgrades on hold, server up and down…

Firstly, I’m pre-posting this entry on the Blog because my server is currently doing repairs. They are upgrading, and informed me via Email before going off that service would be effected throughout the weekend for short periods of times. So much for upgrading the new WordPress on my Friday night!

So Stuart, I apologize if you were expecting my Email “in case of an emergency, I killed my Blog,” so I’ll have to wait until sometime later on in the weekend to do the upgrading. I can’t say for sure when, but I’ll let you know somehow.

For those of you who are in the loop, I have a killer mid term coming up on Wednesday, June 9, and it is a whopper: 30 percent of the course concurrently. I’m sort of spending most of my free time on that little itty-bitty event, so please don’t be alarmed if you feel I gone off and left your replies unattended. I’m doing very well in that calss, but I know I need to brush up and all the readings. My GPA must be maintained!

Weather wise, we just had two great days in a row. The sun came out last Wednesday till now, it was hot and man are the days long now. For example, I start my shift at work around 5:30 am, however, I like to get there are 4:30 so I can get some reading time in. [I’m a morning person] and right at 5:00am, the sun is just peaking out from behind one of the distant mountains down the valley. I don’t even need the car light to read any more at that time. Summer this far North can leave daylight right up untill 11:00pm.

When I lived further North, Prince Rupert, the sky stayed twilight during the night, just enough so that you could read a news paper at any time. I would need to take some getting used to that, ajusting to those long days during the Summer months, but just think, Winter is another story.

So, any comments, criticisms or piercing remarks, you know where to put them.

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