The New Look, with some Plug-ins

Many, many changes are going on here on the Thomasso Blog. Yup, I just upgraded today and started adding plug-ins to WordPress, and, things are getting interesting. I see I have a lot of work a head of me here, the changes require tweaking and changing PHP code plus trying not to get the files mixed up! So, I’m calling it quites for today. I only spent an hour working on it, but I will need to fix the rest of the mistakes later on in the week.

Other than that, not much going on. I just need to spend the rest of the day reading for the huge mid-term exam coming up next week.

Oh, in case your were wondering what I did:

* upgrade to WordPress 1.2
* Since Last Visit-Plug-in
* Comment Plugger-Plug-in
* wp-ststistics Plug-in (witch I can’t get to work at the moment?)
* MarkDown-Plug-in (that came default with the up-grade)

I downloaded about 10 plug-ins and only activated 5 of them. Hey why not? Now I just got to get the web site looking cool! This be a while.

Added (June 6th, 2004): I just ran the XHTML Validator, and for the first time, I am now down to only 1 error! I know, for those of you who are right in there about these things, I should have none, __Hello, I’m still new to this__ . Now I need those smilies to get this BLOG back to where it was before the upgrade.

12 Thoughts on “The New Look, with some Plug-ins

  1. I’m just checking the to see how the comments page is looking… Not that I like commenting to myself or anything… ha he he.. Oh I need those smilies back 🙁

  2. Looks OK so far. Are you going to use the “new” flags? This was the most difficult plugin to get right. I don’t think the instructions are clear enough. You should find the others a doddle after this. I was looking at your source to figure out why these text blocks in the comment form don’t line up properly. I think I’ve found it but we can discuss that when you get the other stuff out of the way. 😆

  3. Re: flags; yes. I think that works OK. I just put the last comments up to see if they work, and I can see them! Also, when you put your comment in, the flag was there.

    I should point out the I ended up putting the plug-in in both the wp-content/plugins and a copy of it in the main website itself. Go figure? Any sugestions there.

    Oh ya, If you are wonding why I’m on-line so __early__ or __late__ in your case, I took the day off from work from my vehile being a FORD (Found On Road Dead)… It is not a Ford by the way!

    So you should see the “new” flag up now!

  4. You’re flags aren’t showing. I get the stats at the top of the page OK but as I’ve already been here today it’s still showing 0 and 0. You’re comment plugger is showing OK but I wondered whether you had styled the names to be that far to the right of the bullets or is it a glitch somewhere? 😀

  5. Ah. Now having made that comment the flags are showing up so yes they are working fine. And I’m showing 1 comment in the stats at the top of the page so AOK so far.

  6. Ya, I wonder if they “renew” themselves at the end of each day? I thought everytime I logged on to the page, the old “new” flags would dissapear or somthing? But I noticed on your site they seem to do that also? hummm. Maybe everything is AOK. 🙂

  7. And smilies too! 😀 Just the stats page then. Any trouble – ask! This one is quite straight forward but the mods to the .htacces file can be a little daunting. This is where the benefit of using the full URL for your style sheet comes in to play.

  8. Thanks once again Stuart:grin:. You have being a great help! The one I’m working now is the “Usser: # online.” 😮 That one has being giving me some trouble, however, the WP forum seems like it my contain the answer. I rember seeing a fix in there somewhere?:shock:

    Oh, one more thing, how did you add those extra smilies here? This is way beyond my level of PHP programming skills?:???:

  9. My “users online” isn’t from WP. I had it sitewide before I came to WP. Extra smilies eh. Well first off go and check out the “wp-includes/vars.php” file. You’ll find, if you scroll down it, the list of your current smilies. You need to add your new ones to the end of the list. The smilie graphics themselves need to go into the “wp-images/smilies/” folder. I spotted that all the names of the current smilies started “icon_” so I renamed mine to suit. I don’t know if that’s necessary but I did it anyway. Also before I edted the vars.php file I deactivated the smilie plug-in then re-activated it once I’d finished messing. I got all my extra ones from the “phpbb2” site where you can have a look through the add-ons. I’ve got a phpbb2 forum which is why I was there. There’s some quite large collections.

  10. Yup-peeee:!:

    I did it… I got smilies to boot :notworthy::dance::clap:

    [ Elvis speaking ]

    Woo Hoo…. :hand: Thankyou, Thankyou very much..:clap: you’ve bin a wonderful group tonight :notworthy: :boohoo: … and I’d Like you to to give a warm round of :dance:… thankyou, …thanks, to Stuart, for with out him, this comment full of smilies would not be posible..:clap: thankyou,

  11. The world is your oyster. :clap:

  12. I’ve now installed the WP version of “useronline” so if you are still having problems let me know. I’ve added to the WP forum on it as well.

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