Today was: (place nasty words here)

Ha, Today. Today was a joke. I mean, I’m fine and everything around me is OK and the world is not going to end in the very near future, but my Monday morning sure got off to the rotten start. Here’s the story…

Every Monday before I start work, I do two things: first, I get a coffee and newspaper from the 24 hours gas station out in Port Kells (technically Langley Township). Secondly I head on over to Aldergrove, next town over to pick-up a friend of mine because he can’t drive anymore: he did a stupid thing, lost his driving privileges, now he relies on me for his Monday drives to his work. We work close together, so not too much of a problem doing this arrangement.

So, like many Mondays, before, it started out pretty uneventful, then when we were on our last leg of the journey, you __know what hit the fan__! It started out a funny sound, followed by a huge bank from underneath the floorboards of the truck I drive. It was loud and scared the __you know what out of me__. The truck came to a skidding halt.

We got out to look. Nothing. I started it up and it would run, but it would not go when I put into gear. After 2 minutes of running it would quite, then it needed to sit for 10 minuets before we could start again. First thing I thought when I climbed under there was: Transmission!

So, we waited until I get a hold of a tow-truck. That took 2 hours. Then we had to wait for a shop to open up so they could look at it: remember I start at 4:00am or 5:30 am, so nothing is open at that time except for places closer in the city.

Now, it is sitting in the garage — and I still don’t don’t know what exactly is wrong with it. …or how much…. So, I’m at home waiting for the call that will tell me “what, how much and when.â€? I will keep you up dated!

p=. +Up Date 5:38pm June 7th, 2003+

OK, we’ve found out what was wrong with my truck! And it only cost $20.00[1] wich was not too bad.:razz: Are you ready for this:!:. And I thought I was going to have to take a vaction!!!! Ha ha ah ah.

The linkage from the shifter to the transmission was broken. Yes, I drive a standard. So, when you think your in gear, your not. I thought we would of had to replace the whole transmission, but the part was simple to change and it could be done without any major work. It still took 2 hours to do, but nothing to major. 😀

I’m happy camper once again. Now I just need to explain this to my boss who is some what pissed at me fo this. 🙁

+Foot Notes:+

fn1. __Of course, I’m talking in terms of Canadain dollars, $20.00 is $11.00 US and I can only guess what it is in England/Euro. Union…__

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  1. Phew for that! That’s not bad at all! Yay!

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