A few thoughts on sleep

Sleep, an obvious function that we need in order to maintain a healthy body, so that we can repair the cells, strengthen the immune system, clean all the waste product that cannot be done while we are awake. Sleep gives us rest for the mind and a,m m r but the sdd f g..g Zzzzzz ZZzzzzz Zzzzzz ZZzzzzz ZZZzzzzzz ZZZZzzzzz ZZZzzzzzzz

5 Thoughts on “A few thoughts on sleep

  1. Zhhhhaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….. Z.

  2. :boohoo: zzzZZZZzzzz zzzzZZZZzzzzz zzzzZZZZZzzzzzz ZZZzzzzz….

  3. The Thomasso Equations:

    :sleepy: X(2)+ :read:2+:kaffeee:> [:think:X:doh:X:ugh:] =:crazzy:

  4. Okay. I think Tom needs help. I’m getting a huge headache from all these emoticons!! :crazzy:

  5. Ha ha. You could be right there. 😆

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