Environmentalism Ideology: where are we going?

I’m doing a paper on Environmentalism from my Political Science class. As I was doing the research for it, and started the actual writing, I noticed that in our current day and age, we seem to be (or of) loosing or lost the initiative that we once had back in the late 90s. Particularly the old Green school of thought of always keeping the environment fore front in your mind while you live your daily routine. Doing this paper has seemed to trigger that memory, as over the last five or six years, I have totally abandon that mindset and paid little attention to the environmental concerns that we did back then. Just the basic ideology of environmentalism has left my consciousness and has being replaced with more current, demanding thoughts of today’s problems like the high cost of gas and why are things and services getting more expensive while my wages are still the same?

So a little lesson in the ideologies of Canadian Environmentalism:

Personal Environmentalism/ ……….Environmental Movement/………. Ecologist/
Light Green…………………………………………………………………….Deep Green

On the left end of the spectrum, we have the Light Greens, those who do the Blue Box program and try to recycle their waste. In towards the centre, we have the Environmental Movement: people who take the initiative and demonstrate on the streets; that we are harming the environment. Ecologist, that are at the Radical end of the spectrum, or “Deep Green” end. These are people who see the need to change at a radical level, by changing our population growth and stopping all harmful industrialization that is in turn killing ourselves, even a total stop to hunting animals such a whaling.

So, perhaps I should reconsider that once again habit of throwing out all that garbage that could be used again, rather than sending it to the landfill. Maybe I should once again think about where I buy certain things and use them, knowing that they are harming us from way down the food-chain. Yesterday, I did drank from a Styrofoam cup, not even thinking that in order to make that cup, our Ozone is thinning because of it!


Gibbins & Youngman, 1996. __Mindscapes, Political Ideologies Towards the 21st Centrury__. Piblished: McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited: Toronto, New York, Auckland.

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  1. Hi Tom… I like what you did with comments page…Cool. Dmitry and I are going to Vernon for Dmitry’s personal stuff. We are leaving to today and will not be back until Tomorrow night. Anyways as soon as we comeback I am going to try to create a different page for my BIO with Dmitry’s help. I have to show to Dmitry that I am serious with this Blog thingy before I updaute anything. After all Dmitry is the hand that feeds me:notworthy: How are things with you? Anyways, I will type to you later.

  2. Blimey Tom, this Political Sciences course is a bit widespread isn’t it? :think:

  3. Oh. Having just checked out Julia and NetChick I spotted that they both had “.ca” domains. This won’t affect them but I read somewhere very recently that one of the bodies that deals with domain names in Canada has been kicking people off who have no good reason to have the “.ca” in their domain name such as living or working in Canada. There’s probably a few very annoyed people living just south of the border. 😥

  4. @ Julia: KWEL, nothing is happening at my end, so have a good time in Vernon…. and yes, work on that BLOG of yours.

    @ Stuart: Remember that this course is 1 of 30 PL.SC. Courses in the degree at the Univerity. This one I’m taking only deals with the ideology of politics, so it would appear to be widespread,but it only touches the surface, not every asspect of it. Perhaps a short list of all the “ism” in this course would help you? Starting with the most popular then least:

    Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism (Marxism), Feminism, Environmentalism, Nationalism, Populism, Fascism, The Radicals, Ideologies: Identity and Citizenship and Politics of ideological Dirverity. (now take a deep breath :sick:)…. This is a 14 week course.

  5. Stuart, Your kidding!:cussing:

    :think:(.ca), even after you paid for it? What happend to Capitalism?:shhh: Free Enterprize.:ohno: I find that hard to swollow becuase every good busnessman would never dare turn away good customers, I mean, they would go broke with all the crap that is on the internet now. :hand: BLOGs to me are very specific and right to the point. I see a very useful purpose here. Oh wait: :dance:I’m a DOT COM, I paid someone in the US $12.00 for mine…. Get the point:?:

  6. I think “Feminism” would take all 14 weeks.

    Maybe they are trying to turn “.ca” into a value-added, quality product. They can charge double then. 😀

  7. No we only focused on Feminism for one week. It is only a small section of the ideology spectrum. You have your Libiral, Marxist and Radical Feminism. However, this changes from decade to decade. They say that Feminism can be broken into more smaller groups, however, these are 3 main groups within this ideology, in Canada.

    Now, about the (.ca.), Good,:snooty: they’ll price themselves right out of the market: :grin:…I mean I would rather have a Dot Com anyday :notworthy:

  8. Whilst I’m here I thought I’d give you our latest election results. Basically apart from our main 3 parties we always get a lot of independent runners along with the Greens however there is a new player called the “UK Independent Party” or “UKIP”. Their goal is to pull Britain out of Europe. Before this vote they had 3 MEPs. They now have 17 and took loads of votes away from all 3 main parties and in fact pushed the LibDems down to fourth place. They didn’t pick up votes in Scotland, Wales or Ireland though so it looks like it will be the English who decide on Britain’s European future when we get the Referendum. Good old England. 😀

  9. KWEL, as you may or may not know, at least from reading this BLOG, that we are in the middle of a Fed. Election and things are heating up here too! :rockon: This is good that you can share a “point of view” in almost real time, that we normaly would not get anywhere else, unless you stay up late at night watching late-night-news :hand:… Not me:sick:… Keep the news feeds comming Stuart:!::dance:

    Oh, and you should now see: I HAVE THE USER ON LINE plug-in working~~~~~~~~~~:notworthy:… Man, that took a while!:ohno: Too much work… all becasue of one little old typing error from GammerZ. I corrected that…. Bingo:crazzy:

  10. Nice one. 😆 I like the way he just forgot to mention doing the “install”. :hithead: I did spot that it is showing as a link but it doesn’t work. In the source the link is wrong. Instead of saying “a href” it’s saying “a herf”. I actually took the link out on mine and put it in my tabs. I figured that where my visitors are is my business.

  11. I’ve found the original article about the “.ca” controversy.

  12. Yes, I sort of seen that type o also, however, I’m still on the fence about having the link work or not. I may change it to the way you have it?

    Yes, I thought having spent all that time programming a wonderful plug-in, :notworthy: that he would of spent a little extra on the instructions also. But I can sort of see why people find that step of the process beyond their ability. You know what the progam does, and want it to do… but sometime expressing that words on paper maybe or should be left to someone else who has never seen or had contact with it? 😳 Sort of putting a fresh face on it: you what I mean?

    I’ll have a look at that (.ca) deal…. could be intersting? :snooty:

    Thaks Stuart.

    Oh, I guess I should stop calling Lily, Lily(pad) eh?:nana:

  13. Ha ha. Yes. I think now she’s “mentioned” it I would stop. 😆 And what’s this I hear about nude bike riding in Vancouver? :dance:

  14. OH? Nude biking? Hey you got me: :crazzy: I just hope they are all women who are under 25. But knowing Vancouver, they are all men and women, pushing 55+, trying to feel like they are 20 again :sick:… Not a plesent sight! I was at Kits Beach about 8 years ago (nude beach by UBC) and it wasn’t that great. There was nothing there that would… lets say…. inspire a person any. 😉 :mrgreen: 😳

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