New Plug-In and Elections are near.

Wow… The weekend is over and I almost forgot how much Mondays really “bite,â€? pardon the expressive language here. So, a couple of things:

I got the “User On-Line�:notworthy: Plug-in working, finely. It only took a week of on and off :ohno: picking at it, going to the Word-Press forums and doing at least 2 hours of reading through the archives. I see that the plug-in is so new, that even the instructions were not properly written out. They excluded so much that it appears to of taken 3 weeks of on-line development by avid programmers to sort though the missed instructions, type -Os:boohoo: and those pesky little bugs that keep creeping about! Most of it is cleared up now.:read:

Well, I got it going. I made it this far. Now, it is time to get the BLOG cleaned up and looking better than now. There are a few more things I want to add, but I need to get organized first. So, maybe this weekend, after I do the workshops for my Criminology class, I’ll start on it.:wall:

Secondly, Our elections are nearing the finish line, June 28th, to be precise. So, I’m getting set up for that. We have only 2 leadership debated, that are aired nationally on television: the first in Quebec, and yes, French only. All the candidates are bilingual. Then Tuesday, tomorrow, the English debate. I can only speak English, so I’ll miss the PQ-Bock party, as they don’t do the English one. :snooty:

I want to post the election as we near the finish line, the standings of the 3 major parties in the race. I’m doing this for our friends across the pond in a trade off of getting elections results of the European elections taking place now too and in England.

May the best party win!:crazzy:

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