Mid-terms marked and POLL active

Well, this batch of mid-terms are over, :rockon: we are approaching the middle of week 7 and I got my first mark back today. It was a little disappointing, I mean I passed and everything, but the GPA :pray: is all that matters at this stage: I received a B+, not the A or A- I wanted. But this is only the first of 3 exams, so I still have that opportunity to crank up the mark next time. Yes, optimism, it all about optimism, that positive outlook that makes a person successful in the rat race of life… Choke! :doh:

Anyway, on to BLOG news. If your not a regular reader here on my humble little weblog, you should note that this website is on a continuous upgrade, solely based on my learning curve and time a lotted, and for those of you who are regulars, I now have a “POLL” :dance: to your right, in the menu box. Now that took some figuring out. All because of some little set of commas that were in the wrong place and needed to be deleted. I had the files up loaded and the plug-in activated for a couple of weeks now, but I just kept getting errors. 😥 So finally, in the Word-Press forum, somebody finally got it straight. I just copied the corrections and the POLL works, to what I can tell. Well, at least you see it with out any errors showing! So try it out! :kaffeee:

7 Thoughts on “Mid-terms marked and POLL active

  1. Ooo. First voter. You can help Lily out now when she installs this plugin. 😆

  2. Sure, if mine works? I never realy tried it yet? We are talking an hour ago since I got it to show without any errors:think:… I’ll have a look to see if your “vote” was counted:dance: ! Then I can say, I did it:!:

  3. HUmmmmmm, your vote was counted….. I guess I can help out Lily :clap:. The plug-in works. You can see it in the Word-Press menue, and it shows in “options” to. Now, to get it looking cool. I don’t like the “wide” buttons. Round would be better:hand:, don’t you think. The trick is, __what would be the best way to make them round?__ think:

  4. What do you mean “options”? I can’t see too much about it in the source but I would suggest you try to bring the text closer to the buttons and maybe move it over to the left a bit. If you’ve “centred” it remove the tag and see how it looks. Forget that. I’ve just spotted it’s in a table. Try reducing the table width. It’s set at 100% at the moment. It might squash up a bit if you try something like 80%. Make sure it doesn’t squash the results up. I’m not sure if they are using the same table. Looking at the source the vote text on the button seems to have spaces round it like this ” vote ” . If you remove those spaces I think the button would reduce as well.

  5. :read:
    OH, options= Instead of showing percent, why can’t it show just the bar? I notice in the plug-in page, in the “adnim” option page, Polls has only a few setting that you can play around with: how many answers and the question you are asking, for example? :shifty:I didn’t even notice a CSS with this? I see that the PHP code contains all the paramitors for the poll “box.” :think:

    So, when I re-fresh my page, for a scecond, I can see the bars, but they quitckly turn into (or back to) parecntages. Any ideas Stuart?

  6. I’ll have to download it and look at the code. Give me a while. I’ll be back.

  7. My server just got back on-line about a half hour ago…:neutral:… We had a freak windstorm that lasted 10 min yesterday that cut power and ….. well, my server too!:boohoo:… It was awhfull..:wall: Not inter net for 24 hours..:ugh:… So, ya…. I have a lot of catching up to do! 😯

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