Restorative Justice and Community Building.


Over the last two days, (June 17th and 18th) I participated in a unique adventure that involved students , instructors and the facilitators; looking at the concept of restorative justice. Restorative justice in the community is a philosophy that deals not only with the offender, but with the victim, families and community, to heal, to make reparations and build trust in hopes that the harm that has been done, will heal and bring everyone back into the community as a whole.

The experiences working within the workshop were beyond what I could of imagined. The exercises and games that we played, not only stimulated my thinking and understanding, but I walked away as a healed person too, even though I went in not knowing that I needed healing.

Each participant was not given the details of the exercises because the length of time and nature of the exercises depended on the shock value it carried. Each person had the right to pass or participate without any loss or group pressure whatsoever. The structure of the group made the participation of passing, special because from the onset, each member learned the power of respect and trust with in the circle.

The circle. The primary function of the workshop or method used in the restorative justice healing process, taken from native North American practice, and first developed in a prison in New York, USA is used as a tool of creating this equal state of mind. From within the circle, each is given a chance to speak by the use of a talking stick or token that gives each the right to voice and be heard without being drummed out. This right to pass, primarily is based on passing the talking stick around, then asking for it back when your are ready speak. This adds order and allows those who are not strong speaker’s to be heard and give their equal thoughts and contributions to the circle.

Summed up in the Vision Statement, you come out of the experience with a whole new perspective on restorative justice and community building.

Vision: __To utilize restorative processes and experiential learning to provide the opportunity for participants to explore the topic of justice in a way that promotes community building and connection__.

I’m looking forward to the level 2 workshop.

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  1. Hi Tenacious Tom! (the spelling is probably wrong but oh well.. not being graded hahah)
    I miss the gang already. It took only two days and I feel like I have known you’ll forever. I have sent you, elaine and Monika a forward.
    It is the one I was telling you about..National Defense something… So check your email. Hey before you send us the pics could you send
    me a warning cuz my mail box is full. Hey when do you have classes in Surrey? I am there on Tuesday and Thursdays. Well take care. Call me sometime.. 604-XXX-XXXX! May-Belle

  2. Hey Major May…I believe the spelling is correct. Mine is not much better, I don’t have the red squiggly line at the bottom here, … you remeber the joke, he. Anyway, yes, that was a some workshop. I’ll never forget it. :dance: I’m looking forward to level 2 already. I hope most of use will be there for that one, although Alanna said she figures only 3 or 4 out of every group goes on to level 2.:sad:

    I think what I’m going to do is, I’ll make a super secret website and put a photo gallery there so you can’ download it whenever you want. You can pass it one to anyone else. I’ll just keep it up for about 3 or 4 months.

    Oh, one last thing: I edited your phone number from the BLOG becuase of the public/private nature thing:naughty:

    Talk to you later May 😉

  3. Hey that poll is looking good. 😀

  4. Ya,:ohno: it was a chore getting it to look like the way it is now. I wish GammerZ put better instructions in the Read Me file… But,:pray: Hey,:think: I learned something!:rockon:


  5. I think they deliberately leave things out to make you work at it and learn something. I certainly know more about PHP than I did a couple of months ago and I’m not really trying. :read: I’ll assume that’s a cup of TEA.

  6. Yes, yes, I think that they figure that you know what is going on, they just assume that anyone who is loading a plug-in that you know al of this.:ohno: But, being that evenyone is going to “tweak” it, they seem to leave so much out.

    It could be tea: :read: That’s my routine first thing in the mornings.

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