Gold Fever


While I was pounding away; pen to paper, writing essays and doing in class exams, I spent a few moments in hard-based-commerce and the acquisition of gold coins paying off a that never ending debt on my home. I won’t go in to any of the details of my little arrangement, but I will tell you that it is a lot better than what I had with the Bank. Also, my chain and shackles, are no longer (the Bank), as the new loan is small and private, (zero percent interest ) and dealing with no Bank, is so much better for my life!

The basic arraignment was (is) that I borrow a sum of gold coins, then exchange them to what ever currency I wish, then over a monthly period, less than a year I return in payments, those, in gold coins: one per month until the balance is paid. Got that. There is no stipulation on Gold prices, just the replacement of those coins.

So today was my first payment of one Gold coin. Actually, this was the very first one I bought with my own money and what a learning experience it was. I went to the same Gold-Bullion dealer that I originally sold the Gold to, and he showed me the ropes regarding the Metal Markets when I bought this coin back. Gold has increased in price the 3 years when my friend bought his coins. The value in dollars, ( Canadian ) was at $280.00 per troy once then, when I sold, it was at $535.33 per troy once. When I went in today to buy, it had gone up to $542.39. Plus you must factor in the 4 percent dealer fee to which added to the price to make it $461.63 in total.

KEWL Web Link for Gold .

So, I’m hooked on :love: Gold now. I see it as better then paper money. As you buy any amount you want and using it as iether a long term investments or for travel money any time you are around the world, everyone will take it. 99 percent of all countries in the world will use Gold as a means of currency. So, Gold Fever man! :dance: I’ll post photos later on of the coins.:cool:

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