Cleaning, both the BLOG and homework

As you can see, the BLOG is slowly getting a face-lift. I’m slowly getting some of the menu-boxes in order the way I would like to see them and move a few of the PHP-BLOG things around. Now, if you try to validate the page the way it is, you’ll no doubt get over 53 errors of XHTML code. Sorry about that, I’ll be working on that over the next week to correct some of that.

So, feel free to give me some feedback on the BLOG changes. Let me know if I’m working on all browsers, especially Internet Explorer and Opera.

My homework is somewhat fresh, except for one course… It is nice to finely move on to some new material. Studying material that I’ve already sat in lectures on gets kinda boring after a while and I start to loose interest because of this. So, the change in scenery is great to finally have. Now it is staying on top of the reading and notes till the end of the term.

I can’t believe I’m already registering for the Fall semester! Time is just flying by. Yikes, and the cost! School is really getting expensive. I better get a $80 thousand per year job after all this! he he he…:wink:

2 Thoughts on “Cleaning, both the BLOG and homework

  1. Looking good so far. Don’t forget to line up these comment boxes. I’m wondering if it’s because you have a “class=textarea” for the “Name” box but not the other two.

  2. Yes, the text area was never completed yet–I went to bed after getting the menu-boxes done–it took too long to move all that :kaffeee:. That should be just a simple adjustment in the CSS:?: I hate it when I start something like: moving parts of the BLOG around, becuase I have to learn a little PHP, CSS and XHTML. 🙄 But hey, like you, I’m starting to get the hang of it:!: ❗ ❗

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