Plug-in city

Yup, my weBLOG is starting to look like one big plug-in and I seem to be adding them like there is no tomorrow! I cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel, they are so addicting.

I’ve added so far in the last week: POLLs :clap:, WITTY text :dance:, and made some very big changes to the overall look of the BLOG :think: to get them to work, and look good. This is the hard part: learning what you can do and cannot do with PHP and my CSS. The amount of code on this site is getting huge! It is amazing how much you can pack on these websites without the page getting bogged down.

So, now it is off to bed for work tomorrow, :hand: then classes. Next week is a short week with Canada Day falling on Thursday, July 1st, making it one of those dumbs :doh: weeks when your body circadian timing get all out of sink!:shifty:

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