Well, I voted and…

I went out and voted today for the Federal election. :hand:I knew well before hand who I wanted to vote for, so it was no big decision to make. I was glad to see a lot of people for the event. Parking was next to impossible and once inside, I actually had to wait in line while people were processed on the registration list. I guess next time I’ll wait until the very last minute to vote, maybe I’ll be the deciding vote that makes or breaks a political party from getting in or not… Now that would be cool!:clap:

So, stay tuned, I’ll post the winner of the elections later tonight on this same post. :shhh:Our Polls close tonight at 7:00pm Pacific. The experts say that our Provence, British Columbia might decide the government in Ottawa — it is that close!:dance:

ADDED @ 8:10PM

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It appears that the Libral party has the stronger vote right now, however, as it is way too early to tell, they may only have a minority government. It may take them until late tonight to count everything. So, I’ll post the resault tomorrow…


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