Canada Day tomorrow

Tomorrow, we celebrate Canada Day, July 1st, 2004 with a Stat. Holiday. We have being a country for 137 years, so quite young for countries in general, I guess. Unfortunately, we have only Thursday off, then work Friday, then get the weekend. I know it is kind of self centred of me, but when you work hourly, go to classes during the evening you want the evenly flowing pattern of the weekly schedule to go without any hick-ups.

I will be hitting the books and typing out two papers for next week. I have about 4 more weeks to go before the Summer semester closes. I am lucky that all my classes, the profs do not like final exams, so we will just be doing a small quiz style exam worth 10 percent of the total course grade in class. I like the Summer because of this. Nothing worse than sweating through 4 exams. It can be deadly on the stress scale!

Anyway, I get to sleep in and do homework. At least I get paid for it?

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