A little social justice for us all

Yesterday, as I was driving home from a late night with the study group, I drove upon a road-block of police. 2 cruisers and 4 officers to be exact and 1 civilian vehicle and it’s occupant, all parked along the side of the road, just 5 min from where I live. I was in a ever growing lineup of people who were travelling that road. I was vehicle number 4, so a had a fairly good seat in the house.

As I waited for the officer to wave us through, I watched what was going on with the vehicle parked along the side of the road. The man, in has late 50s, scruffy looking, who had not shave or seemed not to have had a hair cut in long while, was squatting by his vehicle: it looked as though he was injured or incapacitate or something? Along the side of the truck, strewn beside the road were several garbage bags full, some bulging to the point of breaking open, while others look as though had distinctly shaped objects in them. I later came to the conclusion that these were his belonging.

You see, this man was homeless, in the sense that he did not have a fixed address. That vehicle was his home. I realized that his vehicle could not move, it was “broke-down” and was getting towed away because of that. The man, had spent several nights parked there and was; or had become unsightly by neighbourhood standards. I suppose that the man unloaded all of belongings so that he at least had something, while his vehicle was in-pounded: of course he could not pay the fined and towing expenses, so I am concluding that he volunteered to remove his belongings.

It makes me wonder how far we have come as a society where our set standards of capitalism have outstretched our capacity of governing a fair and just society for all people. As economic downturns increase the number of people who no longer can afford the cost of living to the “ruling classes” standards, we quietly, conveniently and forcefully remove them from our sight.

2 Thoughts on “A little social justice for us all

  1. Just to play devil’s advocate… I’ve seen the other side of the spectrum and know that here in BC especially, there are plenty of options for those that want to change their situation. I’m not saying this guy didn’t need help, because he obviously did, but I am saying there’s so many resources here in Canada for those that wish to improve their life.

    Like I said, though… That’s just one opinion.

  2. Thanks Tanya, but also keep in mind that I might of read that sistuation wrong: the guy could of been a theif who had entered the vehicle and was in the process of taking it. Or, that the vehicle was a stolen one and was being claimed?

    That is the problem of criminology, you never know just by looking; that the seen is what you think it is: or what the truth is…

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