Ugh Deadlines

Just once, I would like to see a “live-line,” as apposed to a dead one:!: I mean, every day at work, every semester in school, I am faced with deadlines. It is like some cruel joke that somebody whipped up that teases human nature, and psychologically forces you to comply like a “corporate supervisor with a clipboard in his hand doing quality control checks” on it’s bar-coded slaves. “You will meet the dead line or else…” the threat goes. Well, then, perhaps we should look at alternatives to deadlines. Any ideas?


4 Thoughts on “Ugh Deadlines

  1. How about brick walls Tom. :wall: And yes it is blue. I always use the 6 figure codes.

  2. Thanks Stuart: I knew there would be somebody out there who could not see the colour scheme that I intended to use here becuase of that 3 number/letter code deal. I tried both and found that if I set the “web safe” feature, it would turn to this ugly puke-dark green…:think: So I thought I would ask. :dance:

    Oh, and yes, I’m using the wall! :wall:

  3. I might be remembering things wrong but as I recall from the days when I was interested in this colour stuff, “safe colours” were supposed to be colours that would look the same to all browsers and they still used the 6 figure codes. I believe there was a table of them somewhere. However the thing that they failed to take into account was that different people would have their monitors set to different levels of contrast, brightness and saturation so in actual fact “safe colours” don’t look the same to everyone. Trying to come up with “safe colours” is as impossible as trying to design a web page that looks the same for everyone. By the way, it is a quite pale and ever so slightly green looking blue. Of course you have to allow for the fact that I use FireFox, my contrast and brightness settings are……. :hithead:

  4. Yes, that sounds about right: I couldn’t of said it better…:dance:

    Well, I slowly getting it to half-good…:think:

    Oh ya, the wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall:

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