The end of the week! Its about time!


Another action packed week has just ended. Two exams, 1 paper and the bad news for the finals, that we are having them, which are in about 3 weeks time. I just paid up my registration fee for the Fall semester, of course that little fee sure grew: by 95 percent from last term…. Well, that’s life, I guess. Anyway, I have one more large research paper to do this semester and then It’s locking myself up for two weeks for the big exams.

On to a lighter note, I got the last bit of paperwork from my “old” Bank, and I do mean Old! I now own my home, out right. Yes, this means no more monthly payments or harassments from them every time I’m late; now, just peace and quite, plus I now own the termites that are eating away at the patio. he he he. I just got their [Bank, not the termites’] notice that they lifted the lien last week. Oh what a feeling it is!

I’m taking tonight off from studying. I might watch some TV…. Oooooo, I haven’t watched that thing in almost, … hummmmm, I remember when? Oh ya, it was 2 weeks ago Monday when Firefly was on. Ya? So, there ya go: I’m still alive, barely, but still kicking.

2 Thoughts on “The end of the week! Its about time!

  1. Good luck with the finals. My lad has finished his so it’s that long wait till the end of August for the results now. Don’t sit out on the patio. :hand: I’ve heard ugly rumours about terrorist termites! :dance:

  2. Tanks Stuart… Ya, I’m going to fix those “terrorist termites'” wagon later on today…. a little anti-termite chem-warfare is in order here. Its funny how, as the deed is signed over, the place falls apart at the seams? Do you get that over there?

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