I’m just typing up a storm here

2 out of the 3 assignments that I started working on last weekend are now in the final stages of completion. Of course, I’m saving the biggest one for last, not because I’m procrastinating, but I need to spend the most amount of time it because of it’s weight in the course. O K I’m procrastinating a little, but it’s not like I’m gonna leave everything right up until the last minute again. he he he. No, I’m going to stay on top of it and keep it that way. I’m psyching myself up here….

If you have being waiting for replies on Emails and comments, sorry, I’m right in up to my neck on these assignments. Term papers can be quite time demanding, especially the ones that are in the research category. So be patient, I’ll get back to everyone real soon, my old schedule will start in a couple of weeks. Ugh…


4 Thoughts on “I’m just typing up a storm here

  1. hey, you still seem to be blogging more often than me 😀

  2. Its what I do when I get a mental block or feel like throwing the labtop out the window while I’m driving home from class… It helps me, well, er ummm, stay focused? he he he…

  3. I hope you’re not blogging while you’re driving home from class!!! :hithead:

  4. Now that I’m wireless, I have typed BLOG entries while sitting in intersections, traffic-jams and drive-threws at fastfood outlets. Although I have being downloading while enroute to classes, I never attemped to interact while driving. That would be crazy!


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