The concept of learning, when the lessons outweigh the course abstract:

First off, thank you, to that last commentator who commented/pointed out that even in my eleventh hour, I still Blog more than the average Blogster with the same workload. Of course, I am assuming that she is equalling my effort in work, endurance and sleep deprivation? I will _not_ names names because that would be totaly not polite.

Ahhh, sleep deprivation. I believe I hit that point last Thursday? The uncontrolled muscle spasms in the legs, bright lights leaving trails when I look from the left to the right and back. The sudden burst of energy, just before I decide that I must go to sleep, and can’t. Not knowing when the day started or ended? Forgetting that it is dusk or dawn when your taking a cat-nap and all of a sudden look out the window and see twilight?

Well, that was how the week went for me. And guess what? I got two days to cram for another exam and crank out another research paper all due by the middle of next week! Hows that! And someone once told me that College / University would be the most memorable time of my life? Well, there is just one problem: how am I going to remember these days if I am falling asleep all the time! Eh? Ya, no one thought of that in this little trip of serendipity, now did they….

Oh ho.. I hit a little cranky spell there… sorry.:sleepy:

Anyway, I feel better now. I am not ruled by my the alarm clock for the next two days. I work better when I am not under a controlled time period that is pre-set. Waking up to an alarm clock is not a cheery way to start a productive day when level 10 learning is involved.

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