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This titles sounds like a sub-title to a “Bloging for Dummies 101” book and this is the last chapter. Well, there is a point to why I titled it the way I did. And you might see the point or you might not? Nevertheless, I have being hitting my sources hard for material for my research paper. I have a research paper due in next week, in my political science class, ideologies and politics. I have chosen the topic of Medicare, our universal health-care system here in Canada, and I’ll defend it with the Democratic Socialist perspective. This should earn me some “brownie points” with the prof.

About the Blog. Well, I found out that in the Word-Press wiki page, a great source of plug-ins for this Blog, there is another; just released statistics plug-in that is more advanced than the previous one and many new add-ons, great features, for the index-page. I’m really looking forward to getting it going. However, it looks like that it will require some time to install because it requires me to enter stuff in the MyQSL data base that seems to be the heart of this Blog. I never seen this before so I’m approaching it with caution and asking a lot of questions before I move in and start changing everything around. I wouldn’t want to screw this Blog and all the hard work I put into it, just for one lousy plug-in. :wall: :doh: :ugh:

So, off to do another round of reading. So far today, I have spent 6 solid hours of reading and about 3 typing. these papers are so demanding. This Bloging seems to release some of the pressure of thinking and allows me to type what I think rather then type what someone else wants my to type… Its like doing something that no one can tell you what to do: hey, freedom! What a concept. Glad I thought of it… he he he.

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