Perhaps plan “B”

Perhaps plan “B”

As I sit here and watch my “weather plug-in” spew error messages all over my web page… I can’t help, but wonder, how much time I should invest before pulling the plug on it. When all fails and the project never gets off the ground? This be case-in-point……

As you can see, as of the time of this entry into my weBLOG, that the weather plug-in shows the current conditions, with the pretty icon and METAR data from the nearest airport, Abbotsford, BC, but somehow, my cache file refuses to work. I got the guy who wrote it looking at it, (and should hopefully be hearing from him soon) and a couple of more knowledgeable people compared to myself also seeing if they can fix it. So far, it has stumped all of them. So, it is a wait and see deal: — as I contemplate on whether I should “eighty-six” the plug-in or attempt to spend more time on it. Gerrrrrrrrr.

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  1. Well I’d have given up on it already. :hithead: I’ve now put all the plugins I use (the ones you can see at any rate) in one of my menu blocks so you can go straight to them. Your longer menu is also showing up the “Root” bug (footer). That’s a pain to fix as well though it doesn’t produce “fatal errors” like the plugins. :read: (more tea)

  2. Yup, I’m pulling the plug on this plug-in right now! No more. I can’t make any sence of these errors!:hand:


  3. It’s looking a lot better without it. You’ll still need to fix this footer though at some point.

  4. OK, Stuart, here’s where my ignorance starts to shine…. explain to me what is wrong with the footer…. I’m stil a little bit on the new end with some of the terminology… he he…:think:

  5. Ahh. You should check out Root’s Trident template for this. I’ve done mine but it is 2 column so I’m not sure what differences there might be for your 3 column layout. Root initially produced a 2 column then a 3 column template but they were both “fixed width”. My Blog is a fluid or expanding layout so I produced a fluid 2 column template which I now use. This came in when I re-designed the Blog. You can see the original template at Anyway the point is that the footer, that’s the bit at the bottom with “Powered by…” in it, should always be at the bottom of the page. Now whilst yours is currently at the bottom of this page, strictly speaking it is at the bottom of the content ie your middle column. Normally your menus are short so the problem doesn’t show itself but when you had the weather plugin running it lengthened your right menu quite a bit. The footer should have been pushed down so that it still remained at the bottom but it wasn’t. It remained at the bottom of your content column which was shorter than the menu so the footer went behind the menu. Now it’s not critical so don’t rip your hair out over it but it is something you might keep in mind for a rainy day. Did I explain that clearly? :think: Anyway Root’s doing a fluid Trident template so you might take a look at that.

  6. That was a long one!! :dance: :read: More tea.

  7. Yup, I fully understand Stuart. I have notice that when I first started building this page. I thought that is what you ment? Great, we should be getting some monsoons (sp?) real soon over here. We are natorious for crapy weather. :ugh:

  8. Sorry that you couldn’t get it working. I wish I knew why.
    Here’s a version with the Caching disabled, if you still want to use it.

    that weatheroffice bit you have now looks pretty nice in any case.


  9. Thanks Jeremiah, I’ll give a try. Some of the Word Press gang says that is may be my server’s configuration. I may, or should of redone the install of my web page. Anyway, I thank you for your time, and I’ll let you know if I have any troubles with. I do like your better. The weather-office was something I found yesterday. :think:

  10. Yes a “no-cache” version may sort the problem cuz I couldn’t see what you were doing wrong. They may be right about it being a problem with the server conf.

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