2 weeks left to go

Here I am, sitting in my gaze of amazement, looking at a piece of paper that only seven days ago, this very night, I sat in a classroom, scared, shaking, out of control, because the exam was based on a new method of exam writing I never done before. I still remember how I walked into the classroom, ready to just turn around and head back out again because of my apprehension. I sit here, looking at a mark, a percentage grade that even I can’t fully explain, let along appreciate.

In front of me, sits a grey envelope, with 68 9×8 index cards, two exam booklets and a accompanied booklet from the prof, who graded it. I have yet fully opened it. I can only see the prof’s opening remarks on the grade booklet. After weeks of hard work and hours of typing those cards, gathering an insane amount of information, there is is, sitting in front of me. And I’m thinking to myself, “I can’t open this, I don’t diserve this….”

The exam was a in class written essay. We were to gather as much information as we could, on a pre-set list of topics related to the course. The goal was to have enough information on you typed or written on these little index cards, so that when you receive your essay question, you would start compiling your essay. Another words we did no know what question we were going to write about. We were given 3 hours to do this. Before hand, we had made our source and bibliography. during the exam, we were to write out our outline, then in academic standard, begin the essay, thesis statement, body, conclusion, etc…

I received an A- for my grade!

4 Thoughts on “2 weeks left to go

  1. Nice one. Still a month to go before my son’s grades come through.

  2. Ya, that is about the same for me also. I still have a final to do for this class. I’m glad it is only worth 10 percent. I still got my other classes to worry about… :boohoo:

  3. Thanks Tanya… And I’m glad your finding what it is your looking for: :love:… Take care will you… 😛

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