Oh God, It’s Friday…thank you, thank you, thank you…

The heat is cranked out side, as if you could boil an egg on the sidewalk, as Mother nature hits us with another one. I went to work extra early today, so I could get the choice parking spots along the Southern edge of the parking lot where the little shade we get, spreads across a parking a few spots. Rarer yet, at the ones not claimed by management, as they have the best. I listened to the radio, they predicted that we might break some records for the next couple of days, we got very close, however, there might be tomorrow? Outside was 34C and inside was 39C.

As I drove into the parking lot, there were other early birds, probably thinking and doing exactly the same strategy. This would not surprise me. The heat both in outside and inside has being close to toucher. Last year we had a heat wave that lasted about 2 weeks, they say that this one could last several more weeks. Though just when your ready to doubt the expert meteorologists, they bounce back with more bad news of killer hot days to come. I shun the radio announcers who calls each of these days, beautiful, great, and nice. He has know idea that for some, working inside a metal box, i.e. a shipping container, is probably as close to hell as you would want to get, and that there are people who slave away on days like this, wishing that clouds would come with rain and wind.

So I park my vehicle in the South West corner where the trees and bushes cast the largest shadow, enough to fill one parking space. Do I feel guilty? My instant answer is no.

Today was also inventory. A new strategy was cooked up by the corporate elite. This was the first inventory held where one half of the workers would continue to perform their daily duties while the other did the inventory. This was to save money from shutting the whole building down while the auditing was done. Now, everyone works a full day, and product gets moved. Unfortunately, they had to pick it on the hottest day of the year. Sweating, I spent the first half on the floor, and the last, packing a pen and clipboard around. I preyed for the clock to reach 2:00pm so I could leave. Things we do for our money…

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