Hot, sticky and muggy all wrapped up into one

As I predicted, we did break some temperature records yesterday. I am not sure about today, the weather stats are not in yet, but I am sure we did today also. I stayed inside for the majority of the day. I worked on a research paper while the A/C was cranked to “Arctic” and closed all the blinds so the sunlight would not enter. That is how I stayed up until a hour ago when I finely went outside for a bite to eat.

I saw a funny thing while out. There was a wedding going on at the community centre. I saw the poor bride as she lugged this wedding dress that must of weighed half a ton. She looked like she was hurting. I stopped for a bit to see what going and just about died laughing as she and some of her bride’s maids flipped off her dress, down to her slip and poured water all over her. I guess the lesson her is, “don’t get married in the middle of a heat wave… for that matter, if you want to get hitched, do it in September or November, July, you got to be nuts.”

So the hot spot yesterday in valley was Hope, which hit a high of 39C. Hope is only about one hour East from where I am. Being that I am closer to the ocean, we are normally cooler than the rest of the province. Ho, don’t worry, as you move farther into the interior, places like Vernon were getting 40+ temperatures. Too hot for my blood!

2 Thoughts on “Hot, sticky and muggy all wrapped up into one

  1. I wish I’d been there to see it. No records here but it has been a nice week. It’s decided to rain a bit today but the grass needs it.

  2. Well, I looked this morning, and saw one could. It was a great sight to see, and then flipped over to the weather-office website and looked to see that were are going to be a little cooler! Ya, we are only going to 32C rather than 36C, so that is good news.

    Oh, I’m starting to like the new brouser, FireFox. It has some very nice plug-ins and I believe it is a little faster that the early Mozilla I had. Seems to be a good switch.:notworthy:

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