Cooler weather and a nifty plug-in

Of course, the weather was a little more bearable. It only got to 28C, a lot better then 36C I must say. The clouds helped. …and I just wanted to see what the post looks like with an “O”…. he he he. :mrgreen:

I managed to get a lot done in the homework department. And I even had a little time left over for some fixing and repairer on the Blog. 😎

You can see, or should see the fancy drop-down text with background. I got the plug-in going this morning with only a couple of little hang-ups, but it does look kind of neat. I”m going to make a custom background for it latter on this week.:think:

15 Thoughts on “Cooler weather and a nifty plug-in

  1. Looks nice, but yeah, it does need a new background, the celtic knot just doesn’t work for your site. :ugh:


  2. You and your plug-ins kill me T. 🙂 haha… Just the same, it’s a great learning experience, isn’t it?

    Thanks for the thoughtful remark on my blog recently. That was terribly sweet of ya.

  3. Yup, plug-ins and the quest for cool air on very hot days…:???:

    Does it get any…… no. :boohoo:


  4. I’m either missing something or you’ve deactivated it. Where’s this drop-down text – celtic knot and all? 😥 On my own Blog I’ve now stopped using Dstats2. Not that there’s any problem with it but I found another application that gives me better and tighter stats and, IMHO, it was easier to install. If you’re interested I’ll give you the address. It’s not a WP plugin and I can see the stats for my whole site. You can’t actually view mine as I don’t make it available to the public but there is a demo you can look at. I may do a blog on it in the next couple of days but I seem to be a tad busy this week for some reason. Bad planning probably. 🙄 :read: Ahhh. I only come here for the tea you know. :dance:

  5. I’m going to have to start commenting on NetChick’s blog. Think she’d mind?? I haven’t got over the “rowing” revelation yet. 😯

  6. Oooo. The celtic knot has just appeared. Drop-downs only then?? Must be a “cache” thing.

  7. Stuart…. Your fist comment: Yes, I like that address of the stats plug. That would be great. ….and you can come for tea any time.

    Second: Ya, it must be a cache thing or a slow CHMOD think? I don’t know… TechoGhome had just released another version of (version 3.0) that now uses pre-made fancy letters rather than a image back-drop and CSS text in front. His site does not look that bad. I was going to use the GIMP and create my own fancy letters… when I get some time. :think:

    Thirdly: I’m sure Net Chick would not mind if you drop by her blog and say hi. Her Blog has being around a long time. She was there when no one even heard about Bloging…. plus she programs on the web….??? Ya, drop her a line, perhaps tell her you went through my Blog or something. I’m sure she won’t mind at all.

  8. I’ve done a post on the new ShortStat application Tom (I won’t call it a plugin cuz it has nothing to do with WP really) along with screenshots and addresses. See what you think. If you want to install it I suggest you start with the basic download plus the update then install the latest language file. Make sure everything is working fine before you try the other add-ons I mention. They aren’t difficult but it helps if the original install is working first. I happen to think this is an excellent app. but you’ll probably gather that as you read my post. Actually when you get the new language file you’ll find I contributed in a very small way. Not that I’m boasting or anything. I’ll “drop-in” on NetChick when she’s least expecting it.

  9. Why thanks Stuart. I’ll pop on over and have a look. Thanks. :dance:

    Oh, by-the-way, what do you think of my “Drop down letters now” now that version 3.0 was made. Cool an’t they. 😎

  10. Okay, I have to know, Stuart… “I haven’t got over the “rowingâ€? revelation yet” — What did you mean?

    Of course you are always welcome to comment at my site: The more the merrier, I say!

  11. ps: Thomasso… Yes, I’m a web application developer, as well as a Director of Marketing for a software company. You might say I’m a tad over-employed at the moment.

  12. Thanks for clearing that up Tanya, …. I mean NetChick. Perhaps we could use your services when your not so employed? he he he.


  13. I think the letters look just fine but I’m not seeing the backgrounds again. I cleared my cache to no avail. Are there meant to be backgrounds now? I like the letters on their own anyway. I’ve already commented over at NetChick’s so I’ll have to go answer the “rowing” question now. Tut tut. :read: Aaahh that’s better. 😆

  14. Ok. All sorted. Are you messing again. Your “witty text” is all buggered up. Not a “fatal error” so everything else is loading. It’s looking for an address so maybe their site is down or something.

  15. Oh, Stuart, Ya….. ther are no backgrounds on thses letters. These are images only. I swaped the image/text for text only. TechGnome re-did the plug-in so you could have that opption. Cool eh.


    Ya, I read you little speel on NetChick’s Blog. She’s a nice person. Though I never met her personly. I found about her on our national radio broadcaster, CBC Radio. They had done a couple of “spots” that listed her web-site. That’s how it all began for me, and the rest is history. I’ve beign in Blog heaven ever since… :notworthy:

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