One more week of classes

Could I be any more happy. Yes. The end is in sight. One more week of classes and then some final exams, then 3 weeks off. …oh, then I do it all over again. Yes, I have already geared up for the Fall semester. The heat is on. Once I got the classes I wanted (already done) then the matter of tallying up the bill, and figuring out the payment/budget plan because they want their money before August 18th, a couple of weeks before classes start. A little trick they developed from all those delinquent payers of past: those dirty little…. My small fee so far for two classes is $745.00. Yup you heard me. Tuitions, admissions and student services all ads up. This doesn’t even cover the cost of the textbooks that I need. I may do a third class: at about $900.00 total cost. So, Yes, I’m also working. I’m a pay-as-I-go student. I hate debt! :snooty:

Blog news: :think:

Yes, another plug-in was added just a couple of days ago. The fancy big drop=down letters that you (should) see at the beginning of each comment. I got this one while reading the support page following the thread (drop-down letters) over at Word-Press, the makers of this fine Blog.. he.he.he… I have gone for the image only look. Not the text over image option I had before. I used the GIMP to make the letters, in .png format with transparent background. I was going to go all fancy with the English-Gothic look, but went halfway with a semi-modern look instead.

Weather news: :ohno:

Yes, the heat wave continues, but with a little twist. When I got up this morning, I was preparing for another clear hot sunny day. Instead I saw overcast conditions that totaly contradicted the satellite image I saw on the weather-office’s web-site. I found out later on from the news that this was forest-fire smoke from a huge forest fire burning about 350KM away, North-East from here. I mean the sky was a brown-hazy colour and quite thick, but really high clouds. Freaky. that must be one heck of a fire!

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  1. plugin
    cool 🙂
    i need to put some plugins one day!

    are you running a nightly?

  2. Lily,




    And Yes…


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