Happiness is warm summer wave of water on a beach

Happiness is when you punch out at the time-clock and leave from work on the eve of a long weekend [B.C. Day] . This is me, sitting down with the air conditioner cranked, typing away answering several Emails and Blog-posts while I wait for my dinner to cook-I smile. I look back upon the week and remember it vaguely, because it was a work-heavy one, with lots of homework, unbearable conditions at work from the heat, :sick: and, of course, exams–the finals. :wall:Oh those finals. I am so glad it is all most over. :notworthy:

The Blog has a new due…. I mean, I changed a couple of things around and re-did some of the CSS that was bugging me. It is sure hard to find that perfect colour scheme? :shock:Oh well, Like many, Stuart for example, change is a never ending thing among Bloggers: well the adventurous one’s anyway. I plug away, because I like the challenge and the learning experience.

I will go now… I must get ready for tomorrow because I want to head out to the lake and enjoy the summer while it is still here. I will study for the last exam I have after the swim– lots of time, he he he *snicker* . Not to worry. But I really want to catch some rays and soak up some summer time fun. Seeeesh…. :oops:My legs are so pale from being in doors so long… This could be embarrassing. :ugh:

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