Forest fire update

A correction that Dave pointed out from the post I made this morning. The Alice Lake fire is not the biggest fire in BC right now, it is the Lonesome Lake Fire, burning at about 160 square hectares, while the Alice Lake fire is on 78 square hectares. He said that as soon as he got there, he had less than half an hour to get ready and hit the line while the first shift was getting off duty from fighting the fire. He said that the fire is a huge fire, and that the weather was supper hot out when he got there. The temperature is 34C and they say that this was one of the cooler days they had for this week so far. Smoke everywhere, and the wind was starting to kick in [bad, very bad], a recipe for a bad fire that makes it spread faster. On the news, it siad, this time last year, we only had about 150 fires, now, we have over 400. ❗

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