Forest Fires and Ice Cream

Yesterday, I was greeted with a very good friend of mine, Dave, who was off to fight the latest big fire, the Alice Lake Fire, which is BC’s largest and fastest growing fire to date. He was up in the city of Prince George (in the centre of the map) on Wednesday, and was looking for work. On his way to the unemployment building and ran into a guy who was a firefighter off on leave from a injury, who suggested he try the forestry office and apply. He did, and he was given 24 hours to pack his gear and off he goes. So he drove the 8 hours drive back to Vancouver, popped in here, then off to the airport at Langley, where he headsMap of Western Canada off to the camp. So right about now, he should be heading out on to the front lines with pick and shovel…. wait, that’s a Miner. I guess hose and shovel, he he he…

If you’re wondering what the heck is going with my Blog, don’t worry, I’m not rewriting the PHP and HTML, it is just my server upgrading. the big thing that seems to be malfunctioning is the “Witty text” that spews out the hideous error message. Don’t worry, that should be fixed by the end of the weekend.

Now, off to the beach.

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