Water, and the third world war, seriously.

I had another discussion regarding the condition of the grass around my home and my neighbour across town. I have talked about this on this Blog in the past. A re-cap on what is going on with the war. We are in the middle of a heat wave, and the second year in a decade of lower water, warmer climate changes and unpredictable weather that has occurred. So with the constant high pressure weather system that has being locked over us for the 4th week in a row, water is becoming a huge concern as our aquifers and water reservoirs start to empty at never before levels. This has cause tension among homeowners who like to keep and maintain their properties at “trim and proper” images. Havoc erupted when water restrictions occurred. So when these water restrictions were enforced over 6 weeks ago, many were secretly watering at nights and early mornings. Thus, you had neighbours pitted against neighbours who anonymously phoned the by-law enforcement officer to drive down their streets at odd hours of the night and try to catch residence red-handed in this outrageous violation of public resource.

Human beings are sometimes very ingenious to the environment around them. Sometimes, or all ways, as a the case may be, we cause more harm than benefit. Where I live, we are prime targets for the water restrictions. A small community, nestled very close together and relying on a over-used water-works system that was build over 50 years ago and was deigned for a town half the size. We sometimes forget that having a green lawn is a right and that when communities set-up beatification committees to watch-dog over their neighbours, such a strata councils, you will cause friction.

The ingenious method we used was trucking in water by way of a make-shift tanker truck, watering at night then refilling the truck for the next day. We used the water from the Fraser River, which we are adjacent to. So under law, there is no violation occurring. So when this all came crashing down, is when the residence of town who were complaining that we were watering at night, because we had greener lawns, were livid when the by-law officer did nothing. Of course he will not disclose any informationMy front yard that he collecting during his investigation to them-which really fuelled the flames.

So, the tanker truck idea died 3 weeks ago. The water restrictions are now enforced with fines ranging from $100.00 per infraction to $2000.00. Some residences who are lucky and can assess the irrigation water source from the Fraser River, and have no problems, as they can water without restrictions. For the rest, brown dirty lawns greet passer by when you enter the town from the South entrance. So, may this photo, taken today, tell a thousand words, as the war continues.


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  1. I’ve avoided coming here all weekend cuz you warned me over on my Blog. Anyway this colour scheme is rather cool. Sort of goes with the big letters. I’m working on that feed-reader thing but I’ll send you another email relating to that code I use when I insert pictures into my Blog.

  2. Ya, everytime I wanted to do some heavey duty changes on this site, the server would starting slowing the service down. They are (or seem to be) fixed now and everything loads up now. The only thing that dies not seem right is my favicon? Mybe it is the FireFox brouser? But all seems OK now. …. Thank-goodness :pray:

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