Could this be the end of the heat-wave?

According to the weather-office, the Environment Canada website has stated the we are in for some clouds, rain and wind. If it rains, that would be best, however, the worst fear is that all the lighting and wind that occurs from the storms would be the biggest problem. It is just too dry around here with all the forest and grass. The heat continues.

The last of the Summer Semester ifs finally here. I never did get a chance to capture a photo of the turtles that swim in the campus pond with fountain. I saw them last week but as luck would have it, that was the day I left my camera at home. Oh, well? So to compensate, I’m going to throw this photo of the pond with fountain that I took at the beginning of the Semester. hope you enjoy it.

Also, as I was going through some of my vacation photos that I took back in May of this year, I found some of the vacations photos I have when I was over in Victoria, on Vancouver Island. I had some very good memories there. Here is a shot of my yacht, if and when I become a millionaire, hea?

So, I’m staying home, doing some reading, studying and catch-up on my last assignment for my Wednesday class, Youth Crime and justice for Young Offenders. I only have 3 more Criminology classes left for the degree. It is almost over.

2 Thoughts on “Could this be the end of the heat-wave?

  1. Well, I guess you are damn right that the semester is finally here. I had a
    lot of fun with all my course mates in Crim 1249. It was a testing moment for us but it is finally over and thank God. See all of you later, especially, Tom

  2. Well, you enjoy your exams….. he he he. I only have one more left, then I’m done!:oh_yes: DONE!.. Yeah…..:boggle:


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