Sample Photo post.

This is just a sample / test post for the image hack used from Word-Press. The idea is to have clickable thumb-nail images, with popups to view the true size, lined up side by side and positioned so that I have text-wrap around each image. So this page may change over the next day or so. If you comment, please note that what you see may have changed by the time I answer you comment, but I will leave the comments open if you need to comment? :r_arrow:

Sample image:

This should make each of the images line up side by side and look like a photo gallery page. I hope? I all ready found out that if I do not have text wrapped around them, they flow right off into the next Blog entry blow. This is not cool.

It looks like I need to have an equal amount of text to balance out the images and how they line up. It still requires a lot of planning to set up the post to look half way good. I also made the thumbnails 150x 75 pixels for this example, I think next time I either make them smaller so that setting them up in rows of 3s, making it look a little better.


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