The Last Class of the Summer Semester!

The end has arrived! I just got in from my class of the semester, all my assignments are in, all midterms are completed and the only thing left is my Political Science final on the 19th. That’s it! I can’t believe I make it through? It was a long hot summer, with many distractions and circumstances that on more than one occasion almost brought me to the point of dropping one of the courses, or the whole semester. But, I stuck it out. I feel good about that! Now I have to de-stress myself. These last few weeks were murder on my system so I’m going to take it easy, no reading books for the next couple of weeks, except for the last final… of course, *snicker*

While I was over in the computer lab getting my course and textbooks for September, I had a peak on this site, using Internet Explorer, and Oh My Gosh, does it look like crap! I mean, the “drop down letters” that you see at the beginning of each post, showed as a white background, when it is supposed to be transparent. The layout of the text was all jumbled, nothing seemed to line up, I just did a XHTML Validation, I got over 80 errors? So, I don’t know? I’m thinking about starting from scratch, start fresh, try another approach with the blog? (Sticking with Word-Press however)

So, that is how the week has gone for me, a blur…. Now to deal with tomorrow.

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