The Justice BBQ and Emails about the Bank story of Aug 9th

The Restorative Justice group, consisting of Students, Professors and the facilitators from the criminology dept. from Kwnatlen, had our first BBQ and get-together since the last gathering of the level one workshop. I saw some faces that I have not seen since last year and of course the participants from the workshop itself. It was great day for a BBQ. It was nice to get my mind off of the exams and focus on why we were really here doing what we were doing.

An interesting note that has caused a high level of controversy among Corrections Canada, i.e. our prison system, and the inmates is the Prisoner’s Remembrance Day, mark on August 11, that started sometime around the beginning of the 1970s and is now all most a international event. Corrections Canada originally condemned any prisoner from participating in this even by subtracting prison pay, loss of “good time” which is time served toward your total sentence and further punishment of solitary confinement. The idea is that all prisoners would fast on that day, staying in their cells and reflect on prisoner’s who died well serving their terms.

Perhaps for most who only see the Hollywood version of prison life may not understand what is at play here? For Corrections, it is the preparation of food for a very large group of people. If the prisoners fast on a particular day, then what do you do with all that food?

Also, the stigma of what an event like this stands for. The Remembrance of deaths at first may seem to be harsh and rather a cold reminder of what prison life is like. Most of the deaths inside the penitentiaries and lock-ups are suicides. Murders and ill health are distant but are very real issues to what one would consider acceptable in our modern society. For Corrections to deal with the celebration by the prisoners is a provoking matter for them.

However, as I understand it, now, Corrections Canada will acknowledge the day and allow prisoner’s the day to remember on August 11.

As for the last post I made on the Class Action suit against 3 of the 5 Charted Banks in Canada, I’m getting Email rather than comments on my Blog? What’s up with that? I had no idea that people really do not understand how the Banking system in Canada, or for that matter, the world works! I’m surprised! Please people, use the comments on this Blog, no Email, your question may be questions of other’s who read here so do them a service too!

OK, the guy who calls himself Dd-Dave222, you got to remember that Banks are not government run, nor do they get their orders from the Bank of Canada. The Bank of Canada is a government office that issues things like treasury bills, (money) to Banks at ridiculous interest rate (that you an I will never get) and sets interest rates called “the prime.” That is how the money is passed down to the public. A charted bank is a bank that operates under a charter or the Bank Act, a set of regulations that it and government agree upon as to set policy and standards around. If you like ambiguity, read the Bank Act, it contains over 900 paragraphs of law. Very easy to find loop-holes and double meanings upon and was designed to keep the faint hearted of literature away! The 2 ladies who are suing them are launching their litigation under the legal principle of disclosure and basic contract law.

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