Well, its Friday the Thirteenth, Hum, a few thoughts?

The morning went without any noticeable hitches. Work was the same old, same old. Traffic was the same as it always is, I always get the odd idiot who cuts in front of me when they pull onto the road or feel that stop signs are for the rest of us, not them,… the usual bad drivers. :wall:

No. It started getting interesting when I got home from work. My power was out. I thought, maybe it was the whole neighbourhood, so I checked with my next door neighbours to see when it went out, and to my surprise, they said it never? So I discovered that I have blown a breaker in the fuse box! :shifty:

Next, after I got the power back on, I discovered that I have forgotten to put my licence-plate decal on, meaning that today would of being my last day showing I have insurance on my vehicle. That would of cost about $150 to $200.00 in fines from the police. So I have since put that on the plate. :boggle:

I had the shock of my life when I realized that I still had by buddies key for his truck in my pocket. I had dropped him off at his home then we would picke up his wife for their camping trip this weekend, using their truck. When he drove me home, I had forgotten to give him back his keys. I was lucky that I caught up with him before they left because his boss was going use his truck for a job on Saturday and had called 3 helpers to work with him. I could see the panic and chaos… :yell:

My computer crashed. Not the operating system, but I guess from the power outage I had, I could not get it to boot up? I tried and tried and tried, the dam thing would not startup. It would turn on then after 10 seconds or so, it would shut off again. Then I realized that it had a reset switch on the power supply. Guess what? It started? :oh_yes:

Well the last straw came when I looked at the Blog and noticed that I had 25 comments. I thought to myself, “who would write 25 comments on my Blog”? I noticed that they were commenting on posts that were over 5 months old. “Why would anyone want to post on comments that nobody will ever look at”? Then I started going through them. Guess what? Yup. They were all from the same person, peddling his SPAM! That’s right, SPAM!! So I have spent the last couple hours setting up my anti-spam software and changing the setting on the Blog. Now, for the time being they can’t spam the comments. :think: But what a day. I think I’m going to bed after this.

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