Getting the RSS feed thingy figured out!

This is just another test to get the RSS Feed going. I was over at Stuart’s weBlog and notice that he was using the RSS / Track Back /ping on one of his friend’s website. So here it goes. This is a RSS feed from Stuart’s page on his last Blog entry.

So I figure I should know how this works so to give credit to whom ever I quoting or using stuff on my weBlog.

5 Thoughts on “Getting the RSS feed thingy figured out!

  1. OK. Give us a clue. What have you messed with? :eh:

  2. Well, if you look at the comments, you should see that every second comment, is highlighted, no matter who’s posting. Unlike your post’s, this was very simple PHP line to add not a plugin. This came from Nuclear Moose’s and Kittens blog.

    The second change was the “[more]” tag, that was used for very long posts. Kitten made this for Nuclear Moose. He wanted something that made it easy for readers to follow long posts so that when you click on the [more] tag, you’ll see where you’ve read (as greyed text) and normal black text (as new) when you expand it. That was a little plugin with added code to the CSS.

  3. The hilite seems to be working OK now. It wasn’t last time I was here. I did look at this one myself but it isn’t selective enough for what I wanted. I’ve been messing with my index and comment files. I think that when WP 1.3 comes along I might give it a miss on the basis that I can’t remember everything I’ve done. See if you can spot my little changes. I’ll give you a clue – they don’t involve plugins. 😎

  4. XHTML:whip: take that validation!!!!!

    Yes, you had to refresh your browser’s settings for the CSS to kick in, I think that was the cache memory thing…:think: Anyway, I was looking through your website, not just your Blog. I like the forum idea you with PHP(??). That is neet having a forum like that. Also, I saw your guest-book. You noticed I signed it. 😎 So, the only other thing I have added on mine was the Gallery with some photos from around town and class work shops. And of course the Justice BBQ for Criminology students. :notworthy:

    I’m with you on upgrading to WP 1.3:ohno: I don’t want to re-do my index page and all the plugins:wall: I hope they set it up so you change just what was added rather than the whole kit and kabudle:pray:

  5. Well wchulseiee gave me a link to a little “file comparer” application. I haven’t tried it out yet but I shall probably have to use it when 1.3 comes out. I don’t think it will be too long either. My son ended up with 4 passes so it’s off to Uni for him next month. :dance: That’s the next 4 years taken care of. One of those in Japan too.

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