A new song, a new genre… wow.

Every once in a while, you hear a sound, a melody, and a phrase of words in a song that grabs your attention and the next thing you know, your foot is tapping one the floor, your head is rocking back and forth, and you find yourself totaly immersed in the sounds and rhythms of the song. For me, to have this happen, and from a genre of music that I normal would tune the radio over to another channel was extraordinary.

It was last Tuesday, August 16, 2004, I was sitting on my truck, sipping coffee and eating a breakfast roll while listening to the early morning radio news broadcast on CBC Radio One, as I normally do every work day morning. The host of the program following the news was Neil Dillon, who was a temporary host for the summer slot, would include music from various musicians of local talent across Canada. That day, he presented music from a band called Vetch that hail from the East coast of Canada and sort of has a jazzy quality to it. Their song, Thumbelina was the feature song that Neil played and promised that it would “kick start your day and get you going” because of the high energy that tune had. Boy, was he right!

For me, I’m kind of into much harder rock and contemporary pop with touches of new age and heavy metal, and one who shuns country music and could sometimes find myself playing the classical masterpiece or two. My motto when it comes to music is “if it sounds good, I’ll listen to it…” So this way, I don’t limit myself to a limited genre of music classes.

After listening to the song, Neil read the band’s website address and particulars of their latest CD. I quickly wrote the information down and waited until I got home later that day to begin a search on the Internet. To my disappointment, their site was down, a PHP prasing error was the only thing that pop up on my browser. I went on CBC’s website and found nothing after two days of searching. I was getting a little concerned when I could not even find Neil Dillon’s program listing. So, I left it on the “back burner” for a couple of days until I had more time to do a through search.

I hit pay-dirt this morning when I tried for the tenth time loading the band’s website. And to my surprise and astonishment, the page loaded! I was relived and happy that finally, I knew I had the information and knwoing that the band actually existed. They siad that one of the band member’s was in charge of the web page and obviously was a newbe. The second great discovery was, they included 2 MP3 files that you could download and play, free of charge…. that was nice. …and, the song Thumbelina was one of them! So download the files and play them. I think you’ll find that between the compassion and vocals, this song really shines.

2 Thoughts on “A new song, a new genre… wow.

  1. Hey Tom! I’ll have to give that site a shot… You’ve got me curious!

  2. Well, let me know what you think?:oh_yes:

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