Its Rain, Its pouring, the Old Man is….

We are having great weather over here. Okay, I’m fibbing a bit. It seems that we’re either in the midst of a killer heat wave or wet and cool monsoon storm, never finding that “in between” we all crave for when out side doing the picnic deal. So, stepping between the drops and splashing about the puddles, I get home from work only to find that a lake has formed by the road between my driveway and walkway. I quickly come to my senses and remember that it was this time last week I was harping about the hot, humid, weather and how hard it was doing chores around the house. And poor little me, crying if I did not have the air conditioner on I could not live a fun, meaningful prosperous life.

So, while I’m off from classes, between semesters, and sitting around because the rain is bouncing off the pavement a foot, I sit back and catch up on some of the Email that I have saved up.

This web link came from a friend of mine, who’s wife (not him) had a baby girl about a month ago. Someone from his work sent him this Email called “Baby Rules” to help him adjust to being a parent. He sent it to me because he said “there is a conspiracy out there of kids taking over the world,” and this was the very proof he needed. I howled when I read this! So the question that bags to be asked: do I really need kids that much?

Oh, for those of you who are blog enthuses, I put up the “nice archives” from Loungelizard over at Word Press. It works pretty good. I’m happy with it. I set up a temporary link with the Gallery link at the top of the index page. It works . something that hasn’t happened to me in while with this weBlog. I was relived that I didn’t have to fiddle with it for hours on end to make it work. First try! I must be lucky… he he

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