Scam, Spam and Sam

You know, I’m totaly taken back by people who get suckered into these get rich scheme, time after time after time. When will they learn, or will they ever learn? Who knows. But today was a classic case in point. At work, among 80 or so employees, I hear and see many things that writers in soup-operas would drool over as source material for their productions. A some what close friend and co-worker came up to me asking me if I ever heard of a “program” that offers people a chance to partake in the stock-markets, either through buying or selling of stocks for a startup fee of a $1000.00 bucks and then your set. Yes, that is right, for a small fee of $1000.00 you would receive a “kit” for the “program” and this will get you starting in the stock-market.

I guess I was a little hard on him at first. I just about had to pick my jaw up off from the ground from disbelief of what I just heard. I told him that he should do a lot of research before he started throwing all that money down the drain, or at least give me some of it while he was handing it out.

But this got me thinking about all the scams that catch people on a daily bases around here. I mean, I study criminology and the statistics from researcher’s who study this group of people, shows an upward trend as the Baby-Boomer’s get older. One of the areas that I’m particularly interested in, is why people get suckered into these deals in the first place. So I asked him why?

His reply was typical and predicable. He stated that he was tired of working the endless hours, and never getting caught up on all the bills and the cost of living always going up and up and up. He was not getting any younger and his family was demanding more and more as they get older and their needs become more expensive. It seems like he was in a vicious cycle that would never stop. Then the ever louder call of retirement was now an issue as time never stands still and one day he will not be able to work. What was he to do when he has to stop working and he has no suitable income for him and his wife!

So I tried to talk to him about this dilemma he was in. I did not want to see him hurt or worse yet, hurt those whom he loved and cared for, but the cravings of the get-rich-quick schemes were calling him. However, investing money that he did not have was in itself a very big deal, and one that could add to his ever growing debt he was in, i.e. the mortgage. If anything, the resources that he should be focusing on; should come from sound advice and those who are reliable and credited within the community, not some spam he got from his Email that advertises riches beyond your wildest dreams.

3 Thoughts on “Scam, Spam and Sam

  1. I can’t believe anyone actually OPENS those emails! Bizarre…

  2. Worse yet, I can’t talk him out of it.:boggle:

  3. These things are all over the place. The fact that they exist at all shows that they earn a nice profit for the developer.

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