Happy Birthday Julia

U want me and my Blog to terminate:twisted:
because I announced today that you’re Twenty-Eight:nana:
But have no fear my sister dear:dance:
it is your birthday and __Oh my Gosh__ 30 is near….:yell:

Happy Birthday Julia, hope you and your family are doing great over there. Try not to stay out to late, :ohno:and don’t give your husband to much of a hard time 😉 because HOCKEY SUCKS!!!!:wall: with out the Vancouver Canucks….. :whip:he he he

5 Thoughts on “Happy Birthday Julia

  1. Wow. You’ve missed your calling, LOL!!

  2. Happy birthday to Julia. Nice bit of poetry there Tom. 🙂

  3. I told Julia about the post, I don’t think she has seen it yet. But, I think I should lay-off on the poetry, at least for people I know.:shifty: He hahaha..:wink: But thanks for comments, Net Chick nad Stuart.:smile:

  4. who’s julia?
    happy birthday to her then

  5. Hi Lily, Julia is one of my (3) sisters. I was away for a while so I’m just chating up on all my Emails. But, ya, she hasn’t seen this yet.

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