Labourday Holiday, Marijuana Cafe’ and Classes for Fall

Well, it has being a while! Time just slipped by, and before you know it, a whole week slipped by. But, a couple of things just to touch upon that happened around here.

First, the lady who was selling Marijuana out of her downtown Vancouver Cafe’ has not received any charges (yet) or visits from the (RCMP) police. The Mayor of Vancouver siad that he deplores what he saw from the media about the Cafe’. He really criticized the RCMP for not investigating and taking the sale of an illegal substances seriously. The only way anyone found out about it, was through the media. She said that she has being selling as far back as May of this year. Please check the Vancouver Sun news for the story. I thought it was funny.

Secondly, I’m back in my classes as of today. The start of the Fall Semester kicks into “high gear” as everyone runs around (like chickens with their heads cut off) and they figure out what classes they have, getting textbooks and add/dropping classes etc… The campus is like a flurry of activity, people running in every direction possible, all at once. Like magic, everyone comes to a grinding halt just before the next block of classes start and then: not a body can be found except for the odd straggler or old rookie like me. I no longer run for my class, I just get in their, make sure my name is on the registry and listen to the Prof. give his/her spiel and then leave. They never lecture on the first week. There is no point with all the add/drops that take place.

Lastly, I have being out, busy and had a couple of hours of down time on the Internet. My server was down, and the speed was too crummy to really spend any time to do any serious work on the blog. I wanted to spend some time on it, but the holiday was calling out to me: “Tom, spend time with the friends and do some camping…” But, I’m back.

2 Thoughts on “Labourday Holiday, Marijuana Cafe’ and Classes for Fall

  1. OMG, I’m in class, Computer Science, trying to stay awake. We need to cover the basics. Arggggg. I boy does my weBlog suck on IE! We were only going to have a breif lecture then leave, but becuase the class has a holiday in it, we are going to lecture the whole 3 hour block. Help…:wall:

    One more hour to go… hold on to yourself Tom, hang on….:whip: YOu can fight it. Think happy thoughts and alll the other psych stuff you learned. Hang on….:oh_yes:

  2. I feel your pain, Tom 🙂 Good luck with the rest of the class.

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