The Marijuana shop & My sore back

Vancouver has being the centre of world attention regarding the little cafe, or, as it is now referred to as “the little marijuana shop,”that, predictably got raided by the Vancouver Police early today after much media publicity. The shop and its patrons say that the raid only occurred after weeks of media attention and only then, did the Mayor and Vancouver Police did something about it. Yet, despite the raid and the police confiscating the money, drugs (marijuana) and making several arrests, the little cafe is still open for business, and was only closed for the better part of the day. Now it seems, as long as you have a “letter from your doctor” the cafe will sell you the pot. Click here to read the latest news coverage on little cafe in the Vancouver Sun.

With the first week of the semester now history and my Fall classes lineup neatly stored in the pages of my binders with textbooks neatly packed in my, now weighing 10KG backpack, the homework sessions now begin, the cycle of endless, sleepless nights and almost incoherent hours of day become the norm. I had forgotten how much work goes into this first week. Even though I have now done this 4 times, at this institution, and I seemingly go through the motions unconsciously, I still forget that this time period exerts a lot of energy, both physical and mental. I woke up this morning just sore. My back as aching, my head was pounding and my eyes seemed like, “two piss holes in the snow.”

When I got work, my brain was ready, but my body was not. It was ready to check back out and fall back to sleep. I managed to get through the day without setting off any alarm bells, as some of you may know, my employer is on this “Workers’ Safety” kick. When anyone who shows signs of injury, they must report it to the corporation First Aid Centre for documentation. So you start a bureaucracy that cannot be stopped and this is designed to parade you around as a villain on the work floor in front of your fellow employees. You then could face possible counselling (slap on the wrist) for the injury because you were obviously working improperly to cause the injury. So why go through all that? I just grit my teeth and go through the day. I got by. I at least have the weekend to catch up sleep and prepared myself for next week.

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