Fall, Global Warming & Bed Spreads

The Fall seasons is approaching fast around here. Already the leaves are turning their Fall colours. When the wind blows them up against the fence, you may never know that they have fallen. Another indicator of the change in season is the increase in the cloud filled skies and very short periods of direct sunshine. Rainy days are common now while the shortened hours of daylight become only noticeable when you need to turn on your vehicle’s headlights for the morning drive to work. Last night I had to turn on my furnace to combat the cooler weather outside during the nights. Perhaps I need to change the bedspread to the flannel sheets and get that warm, thick quilt from the thin blankets and sheets I am using from the hotter nights of Summer passed.

__sigh__ Even though the Summer was brutally hot and dry, I will miss those days. It does not seem to matter if global warming and changing weather patterns had or “have” effected our way of life, even thought in a small capacity, summer created unsleepable nights and unworkable days, I seem to carry those memories over the Fall and Winter ones? Awh, regardless, I will miss those days.

However, I seem to function better during the fall and Winter semesters as far a learning aand falling so discreetly that you only see groups of 10 or 20 scattered across the land productivity goes. I figure it must be the mean temperature of the whole day, working inside and having uninterrupted nights from luring Summer activities, and not wanting to go outside with huge projects and tasks, no doubt plays an important part. Since I spent so much time inside this past Summer, I my find myself spending more time inside, that may have adverse effects in the long term.

In conclusion, the change is a larger measure of the world around me. I have no control of this cycle and realize that one part of human kind is the ability to adapt and coexists in our current environments. What we do in this environment depends on how we treat ourselves and the world around us. Perhaps we should think twice about screwing it up!

2 Thoughts on “Fall, Global Warming & Bed Spreads

  1. It’s definitely turning cooler over here though not enough to turn the heating on yet. I suspect that living in the “penthouse” has certain advantages in that heat rises so I get “free” warmth from below. 😀 It’s started to get wetter too which is fine if you’re staying in – but if you need to take a walk down town or something you need a jacket. Trouble with that is that if it doesn’t actually rain you end up sweating your trogs off. Hey ho. 😎

  2. Either bitch’n about it or cursing at it! :ohno:

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