Textbook Mayhem

Today is the first day of the 2 nd week of the Fall semester, but being that we missed last Monday because of the long weekend, Yesterday was really the first day for my Monday class. To kick things off, I got into the class extra early only to find that the previous class was doing the full 3 hours block and all of us, the students had to wait outside in the hallway until we could enter and lay claim to our seats. I prefer to sit at the very front and left of the instructor, this is more comfortable and practical because I am left handed.

The class is 2 nd year Criminology, called “administration of criminal law and the justice system” a dry but sought after class for those who wish to advance to Law school with their degree. The professor gave his speech that basically went through the class syllabus and detailed some of the assignments. Among his thoughts and points that he talked about, the concept of seeing what no one else sees, for example when the media spews out a story of social significance, and creates a backlash of public outcry, he asks us to take a critical look at it and see what issues are at the centre of the conflict. He wants us to move away from the social aspects of law and instead focus on the legal principle, something that I enjoy to do when studying legal arguments.

Anyway, the class lasted one hour. Afterword, I headed down to the college bookstore to purchase the textbooks for this course. Looking at the price tag of $180.00 for the 2 texts, I was reluctant in holding off until this weekend, Friday being payday, I figured I would wait until I had more cash. It did not matter! They did not have enough textbooks on the shelves for the whole class. Only half of the students bought their’s before hand. My estimate ranges from 10 to 15 students who do not have all the required textbooks thus, for the first assignment, due next week, along with the accompanied readings, it is going to make life mighty difficult for the 10 to 15 of us without! Textbook mayhem!

2 Thoughts on “Textbook Mayhem

  1. I have to take my son to Uni on Sunday though I don’t think he actually starts lectures for another week. Seems the first week consists of several “meet the crew” evenings. He’ll probably be knackered before he even starts!! :sleepy:

  2. Yup…… I remember those first days……:roll: Your first step in the real world.

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