More Weather Facts!

Right at this moment, out side, it is pounding rain. It is raining so hard that the drops are bouncing off the pavement at least 30cm (1 foot). the ditches are overflowing and the storms drains are like ponds covering one half of the road. My driveway has a lake in front of it while another develops in my backyard. It is so dark, that I need the lights on inside to do my regular activities inside. There is no wind, and the risk of a power outage seems nonexistent, however, we do seem to have a flooding problem.

I am sitting here, thinking about how not even 4-5 weeks ago, I was whining about how hot and dry it was. How the trees the were dieing and lawns turning brown from the “drought” we were having, we were braking all kinds of records becuase of this Summer’s heatwave. Now, we have seemed to have changed in the diametric opposite for Fall.

On the CBC (Canadian Broadcasters Corporation) just released a news story that goes something like this…. We have broken more records for this year. This month, September, has begin the rainiest of all past Septembers ever recored in the country. We still have 14 days left and over all, more rain has fallen, 2 out of the 15 days have actually broken rain fall records.

Hard to believe that with out any killer storms and sudden weather changes, we can have such discouraging weather patterns that change and effect out lives on a daily bases. Is this global warming? Is this normal, that is we look at the ice-age records, this is a normal climatic shift? Well, I vote that we get on board on weather research and start controlling it. I mean, we decide to when we get rain and hot and dry summer weather… Oh, wait…. I can see some rough Country getting their hands this and really screwing us! No. Scrap that last idea.

One Thought on “More Weather Facts!

  1. Yes, these particular records, esp. when landing in the worst torrential rain ever seen for that day in Richomond, is kinda worrysome!

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