Autumnal Equinox

Fall already! Where has the time gone? It was not even a month ago I harping about the heat and dry weather, and here was are, leave on the trees turning their Fall colours and cool long night and the sounds of Canadian Geese honking as they figure Florida is much nice this time of year. [This post was actually written September 24, 2004]

Today roughly at 16:25 UT, or 05:25am Pacific, we hit the equinox. That interesting moment when everyone, no matter where you live will get to experience the same amount of night/day all equalling 12 hours in length. It also means that we can now safely say that crappy weather is on the way!

We should have a holiday right about now to mark this planetary event? After all, everyone on the whole planet gets to participate in it, why not have a World Autumnal Equinox day? Oh well, happy equinox everyone!

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