System Crash, Viruses and College

I have being battling the hideous hard-drive monsters and demons inside my on line CP. I had suffered a debilitating system shutdown that has left me, my Blog and homework in turmoil for the last week. On top of that, I have being on the border of getting the Fall Flue that has also being going around the college. It now has infiltrated at my work and neighborhood. Just about every front of my social contact, the flue is rearing it’s ugly head. I am very surprised that I am holding so far.

My CP died last Friday night when I decided to reinstall the database and update the operating system to fix some of the problems I was having with file allocation and missing hacks in key software. The hard drive stopped loading. I spent over 3 hours messing around with the BIOS, formatting and boot-starter loader, only to throw the hard drive out. I sent it down to the local computer store to have it tested, and using a MS-DOS machine, it was confirmed that the hard disk was toast. :wall:

I upgraded to Fedora Core 2 the latest incarnation of the LINUX-RED HAT operating system with the new 2-6-4 KERNEL. And what a sweet setup it has become. I am very impressed with it so far. Only a few minor things that I was a little put off by: No entertainment features, like media player and MP3 player: you need to load those up yourself.

I was very, very lucky that just last week I backed up the database thus only losing five days worth of data! And even more amazing, moments before the hard disk disaster, I backed up all my homework and term-papers!

Yes, the flue is going around big-time. Just like last year, as soon as the weather turned cooler, the flue outbreaks started. Like a forest fire ripping through the hills with nowhere to hide, run or escape from it, you can only hope a prey that it does not knock you out for a week. So I stand ready for it: armed with mass amounts of chemical and herbal warfare arsenals, I am prepared for the flue onslaught!

To add to the pandemonium, the stack of assignments and projects from my classes has started to pile up. The dead lines are close. Even after I write this post, I must get right back to my assignment that is due on Monday. I am using this post as a “brain rest period,” to focus on something else so I do not burn my inspirational energy out from that paper.

Well, have a great weekend every one. Here in the Fraser Valley, it is sunny and warm. A promising great weekend indeed!

4 Thoughts on “System Crash, Viruses and College

  1. Computers eh. Pain in the ass!! My monitor blew up last Monday night. Got a nice second-hand replacement Tuesday morning. Can’t go more than 8 hours without my “on-line fix” now. One day I will try Linux. One day I will have a new PC. I think it will be the same day.

  2. It has taken me over 3 days, roughly 12 hours to get the system sort of back to normal.

    Yeah, the fix, I hear ya!

    LINUX is like messing around with PHP, it is neat how much control you have over your software than with MS (:sick:) but you need to take the time to learn. However, there is one thing above all else————-It’s free!

  3. [[pat pat]] Good computer. I have to say nice things to my Dell on a regular basis, or it gets all pissy and complains.

    Try that! LOL

  4. Thanks for the advice Tanya, I now do that very thing….it seems to work:pray: although i’m going to reformat my hard disk on the long weekend. I’ll remeber to say nice things then, too.:think:

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