Not enough time in the day anymore!

So the actual date that I’m writing this is Oct 7th, 2004, not Monday. I have posted this here because a lot has happened, no time to write anything. My schedule is just chaotic right now. On top of work, I have my classes, Mondays is Criminal Law, and the Administration of law in Canada, plus I’m getting ready to volunteer down at one of the correction facilities, or jails, as some would call them.

So, at this point I’m getting ready for the orientation process with Corrections Canada so that I can gain the required clearance to go inside the facility. Yes, everyone seems to go through the fingerprinting deal, along with some hefty forms that need to be filled and searches done. this is a good thing, just imagine if they let anyone in? A “X” convict could go in and free one of his buddies…

Well anyway, classes are starting pile on the homework. So my whole cycle is thrown out of whack. HUmmmmm, I guess getting 4 hours of sleep every night is not good either? Oh well, like they say, ” no pain, no gain…” or was that “no gain, no pain…?” Awh, who knows… I sure don’t. Well back to homework….

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